CPA Services

Overview of Services

Our services provide you the tools needed to fit your accounting, compliance and reporting requirements. Our work product is custom designed to accomplish your objectives. One size does not fit all, and it is our responsibility to recommend the appropriate solution for your needs. In order to accomplish our goal, we will consult with you in combination with tax and/or accounting resources to design the desired results. Whether a basic individual tax filing or a complex business combination, efficiency and accuracy are enhanced by proper planning and understanding.

Before we provide any work product, it is important to communicate this understanding to you either verbally or in writing, depending on the situation. It is our job to provide the work product based on our understanding and charge for these services accordingly. All charges will be at standard hourly rates. An expected range of charges will be communicated to you in advance and will not change unless alternate items are encountered, and revised fees discussed with you first.

If after completion of our services and further discussion is required with Tax Authorities, Legal Counsel or Others, we will not charge for these services if they are ancillary to preparation. If additional services are required, we will discuss prior to proceeding but you should expect additional charges at standard hourly rates.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is variable and should fit the situation. In today’s dynamic reporting environment, we have found that analytical tools are a requirement of finding the right answer. Shelley and Shelley maintain on-line research libraries that are continually updated to provide the most current tax information possible. We pride ourselves with the ability to find the answer appropriate for you. Your tax and/or accounting strategy may be a single- or multi-year approach but be assured the resulting plan will fit your situation best.

Tax Preparation

We use Lacerte®, a state-of-the-art tax software package developed by global software provider “Intuit”. The application is updated continually to meet the ever-changing tax environment. It meets all tax reporting requirements whether individual, partnership, corporate, estate and/or trust, and if applicable, single- or multi-state related tax filings. Lacerte® also provides access to all state reporting guidelines with an integrated format. Tax filings are prepared and electronically filed by us after your approval — we only file paper tax filings by exception.  Your copy and other records are returned to you in either a paper or electronic format according to your preference.

Data Security

Shelley & Shelley, CPA, PA is pleased to partner with Coaxis to ensure our network remains safe, secure, and compliant. Coaxis provides CPA Firms with a fully hosted and managed network solution designed to greatly minimize the threat of cybercrime. The Coaxis team has more than 15 years’ experience in hosting and supporting a broad range of tax and financial reporting software applications. Coaxis' compliance includes Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and HIPAA HITECH NIST, and Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS). Coaxis maintains regulatory compliance for the financial industry with a SOC 2 Unqualified Audit Opinion.

Payroll Services

Payroll reporting from Federal/State Quarterlies to Annual Filings is important to every business. Timeliness and accuracy is critical to both Employers and employees. Shelley and Shelley provide these services to the degree necessary. From start to finish, we are able to provide your Company full-service payroll reporting. We are not an employee leasing company but rather provide you the tools to take charge of your own payroll needs. Should you wish to enhance employee benefits like retirement or insurance alternatives, we can provide options for consideration.

Business Consultation

Questions and considerations of alternatives are part of daily activities for every business. Having resources available to discuss issues and make the right choice is very important. These questions may involve tax or payroll matters, proper accounting or administrative controls and/or selling or acquiring a business. You may already know the answer, or the consideration may require research. With our experience, we are able to provide you with direction or other information to consider. By presenting realistic options and then discussing the benefits and drawbacks of these options, we help you to make the choices needed to achieve your vision.

Accounting Services

The level of accounting services (Bookkeeping/Write-up) we provide will vary based on need. We are able to provide these services and train you and/or staff skills to prepare monthly or on demand accounting. Being in control of your accounting and being able to respond to financial opportunities promotes a viable activity able to confront financial adversity.